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My main hobby for many years now has been playing and recording music as well as building various electronic projects to support my habit. I've built 3 vacuum tube guitar amplifiers thanks to the folks at AX84 (AX84 is a trademark of Doberman Music Products, LLC - used with permission) and the Amp Garage, two of the best web communities for tube amp building, etc. Also, a long time ago I designed and built an electronic drum kit using the Alesis D4 drum module. Until recently when my son got an acoustic kit, I still used it frequently for recording and my friend Ed built two, one of which he keeps at home and the other was used for several years in our church Praise Band until we bought a set of Roland V-drums.

Also, if you're at all curious about my site name or don't mind stretching your mind a bit, please check out my Faith page.



The Stratifier

1x12 Speaker Cabinet

Kit  #1 - Rubber Surface Heads

P1eX Based Amp
AX84 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

Kit#2 - Remo Pad Heads
The Firefly



Guitar Amps
in Church!

How to manage volume
PedalsPedal Switching
Pseudo 4ch Amp!


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