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I have 3 main electric guitars I use. None was exhorbitantly expensive - I am a believer in good setup and good pickups with decent wood giving a great sound and I spend a lot of time setting them up and choosing the pickups I want to get the tone I want. Maybe for a few thousand more, I could get a vintage or boutique guitar that would play and sound even better, but I don't have the money, and I have been happy with the playability and tone of these instruments.

The Strat: I built this instrument from new parts I bought off e-bay, and then installed Lindy Fralin vintage pickups in the neck and middle positioin and a Fralin "Unbucker" in the bridge. The Unbucker is an unbalanced humbucker, where one coil is wound stronger than the other. When you split the coils, the sound is supposed to be more single coil-like, but you can still beat most of the hum when you are in humbucker mode. However, I am not sure I would get the Unbucker again (tone wise) and may someday replace it, but it is decent enough and I like the sound of the other two pickups a lot. The neck was a Mighty Mite replacement Strat neck that I recut the headstock on so it didn't look Fender. I also sanded the matte finish off, stained it antuque maple and refinished it gloss with my own little "3 cross" logo. Tuners are Sperzel locking tuners which I like a lot - quick string changes and the stay in tune well.

The Agile: I wanted a P-90 guitar and was interested in the GFS Mean 90 pickups, which are a P-90 pickup in a humbucker size format. So I bought one of the mid priced Agiles that I liked the look of
from Rondo Music and replaced the pickups. I have been very happy with this guitar - gives that "Live at Leeds" vibe when overdriven. The clean tone is slightly dark (which may be why it distorts so well) so I usually use a Boss EH-2 enhancer to give a bit more sparkle on clean tones. I call this the "tuxedo guitar" because the white-black-gold combo reminds me of a white tuxedo.

The Epi Les Paul: My main humbucker guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul blue flametop. Recently I put on the Sperzel locking tuners because I broke one of the plastic tuning keys and I've liked the locking tuners on the Strat. I played around with a number of pickups including the Duncan JB and Jazz combo that some folks like, but I ended up with an unusual combination. I didn't want quite as much edge as a lot of bridge humbuckers have and I found the GFS VEH Vintage Extra Hot fit the bill nicely. It is very balanced sounding to me and overdrives really well without getting harsh. For the neck I was even more unusual. I have always found most neck humbuckers to be too muddy sounding for my preferences (but maybe that's just me) so again I played around and ended up selecting the GFS Hot Nashville Retrotron pickup - more of a Gretsch / DeArmond kinda sound I guess. I love the combination of these two pickups! Yeah, I'm weird ...

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